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Organic fluoro chemicals

Ammonium salt,Perfluorootanesulfonate
Index No.: km-166
Products Name Ammonium salt,Perfluorootanesulfonate
CAS No.: 29081-56-9


Ammonium salt, Perfluorootanesulfonate (FC-120)

CAS No.29081-56-9

Molecular formula: C8F17S O3 NH4

Molecular weight: 517

Appearance:  yellow liquid or yellow solid

Assay: 25% min. & 95% min.

Fluoro anion surfactant, it can be used as wetting agent, leveling agent, cleaning agent for coating, using quantity: 0.1%-0.01%

Toxicity & protection:
Referring to the toxicity of fluorochemicals and protection

Package & Transportation:
500g/plastic bottle, 20bottle/ carton , transportation as normal chemicals

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