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Organic silicone chemicals

Platinum catalyst
Index No.: Km-415
Products Name Platinum catalyst
CAS No.: 68478-92-2

Product features 
Km-415 Platinum catalyst is also named Karstedt's catalyst,which is an organoplatinum compound derived from divinyl-containing disiloxane. This coordination complex is widely used in hydrosilylation catalysis. It is a colorless liquid that is generally assumed to be a mixture of related Pt(0) alkene complexes. 

It can catalyze Si-H addition reaction and inhibit the side reactions accompanying Si-Vi and Si-H reactions . It overcomes the phenomenon of yellow or blackening in the use of other catalysts. Curing speed, high efficiency, low consumption; Also can prepare high transparent colorless products, the Transparency can meet the standards of similar foreign products in Japan, the United States, Germany and other countries.

Product Name: Platinum(0)-1,3-divinyl-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxane
Synonym: Pt Catalyst, Platinum Silicone Catalyst, Platinum catalyst
Cas No.:68478-92-2
Typical properties





Colorless to yellowish liquid

Colorless to yellowish liquid


(Other viscosity can be customized)


Pt content



Note:  N for silicone oil system (non-solvent type), S is for solvent system.

As vulcanizer and the catalyst for mixing molding rubber and silicone tube extruding rubber and the pacifier glue.
Addition type pouring sealant,silicone sheet,Mould glue,RTV-M,Silica gel ink,silicone resin,silica gel.
As catalyst in synthesis of modified polyether silicone oil and amino silicone oil
As auxiliaries in all kinds of polyurethane coating and silicone coating and defoamers.

4. Parking, Storage and Transportation
Packed in 100g, 500g ,1kg /bottle and 4kg/Plastic drum .
Do not contact N, P, S, Sn, Pb, Hg, As compounds.
Store it in cool, dry , ventilated place with good seal. Shelf life 6 months , pls use it soon after the package opened.
Km-415(N) is non-dangerous goods.  KM-415(S) is dangerous goods.

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