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Organic fluoro chemicals

Index No.: km-168
Products Name Tetraethylammonium-perfluoroctylsufonate
CAS No.: 56773-42-3


Tetraethylammonium Perfluoroalkylsulphonate (FT-248)

CAS No. 56773-42-3

Molecular formula: C8H20N.C8F17O3S

Molecular  weight: 629

Appearance: yellowish or white powder

Assay: 98%min

Surface tension: 22mN/m (0.1% water solution)

Melting point: 170-190℃

Type: Anion fluoro surfactant


1. Used as chrome-fume suppressor for both decorative and functional chromium plating, (level of addition: 25mg~50mg/ liter ).

2. Used as wetting agent, leveling agent and antistatic agent for photographic paper and film.

3. Used as wetting agent for glass etching and opacification baths.

4. Used as wetting agent for acid baths for metal surface treatment  e.g. anodizing baths, chromatizing baths.

5. Used as demould agent for plastic.

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