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Organic fluoro chemicals

Index No.: km-177
Products Name Perfluorotriethylamine
CAS No.: 359-70-6

Code: km-177


Cas No.:359-70-6    

MF:  N-(CF2CF3) 3


1.Colorless, odorless, transparent liquid, non-inflammable, non-toxic. Highly stable to heat, various chemicals and raw materials, with good lubrication, wear resistance, dielectric and thermal conductivity. And low pour point, low viscosity.

2.Molecular weight                            371

3.Boiling range(℃)                            62-72

4.Pour point(℃)                                 <-125

5.Density(25℃g/cm3)                        1.74±0.02

6.Kinematic viscosity(25℃mm2/S)      0.5±0.2

7.Dielectric strength(25℃KV/2.5mm)   >30


This product is a fluorine-containing inert liquid, used as electrical insulating oil, thermal conductivity coolant, dielectric fluid and precision instruments lotion in the aerospace Industry, electronic and power Industry

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