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Acid zinc plating

Octaethyleneglycol Octyl Ether
Index No.: km-628
Products Name Octaethyleneglycol Octyl Ether
CAS No.: 26468-86-0

Product Name : Octaethyleneglycol Octyl Ether

Synonyms:Glycols,polyethylene, mono(2-ethylhexyl) ether (8CI); 

Ethoxylated 2-ethylhexanol;

CAS No: 26468-86-0

EINECS: 216-323-7 

Molecular formula:(C2H4O)nC8H18O

Molecular structure:

Property: Non ionic surfactant and carrier

Package: 25kg/ plastic drum

Application:Itis a low foaming non ionic surfactant with a high cloud point. The main usage for acid zinc plating baths.it helps to solve the brightener and improves the deposition in the high current densities.

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