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Organic silicone chemicals

Methyl fluorosilicone oil
Index No.: km-840
Products Name Methyl fluorosilicone oil
CAS No.:



Technical index


Colorless to yellowish liquid

Viscosity (25°C )

100-50000 mPa.s

Flash Point

>250 °C


It's used for corrosion and solvent resistant defoamer, lubricating oil, grease.

Low surface tension, low refractive index, oil and water resistance, use for high-efficiency defoamer and fabric finishing agent for textile printing and dyeing.

Storage & Shelf life:

It should be stored in dry and ventilate place, away from naked light and directsunlight.

1year.  It still can be used after being tested and qualified when exceeding the shelf life

Packaging & Delivery  :

The product should be packed in clean container , package is 1kg/bottle, 25kg or 200kg/Drum .

The product should be transported as non-dangerous material.

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