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Organic fluoro chemicals

Perfluorobutanesulfonyl fluoride
Index No.: km-171
Products Name Perfluorobutanesulfonyl fluoride
CAS No.: 375-72-4


Perfluorobutanesulfonyl fluoride (FX-4)

Structure formula: CF3CF2 CF2CFSO2F

Molecular formula: n- C4F9SO2F

CAS No. 375-72-4

Appearance: clear colorless or slightly yellow liquid

Boiling point: 65-66℃

Refractive index(n25D): 1.2810

Density (d420): 1.750-1.700

Assay: 95% min.(GC)

PH: 3.8-4.8

Physical properties:

Insoluble in water, it can hydrolyze in alkali to produce nonafluorobutanesulfo salt, then acidize to obtain nonafluorobutanesulfonic acid.


Production method:                HF

                    C4F9SO2Cl  --------- >  C4F9SO2F


its properties is similar to perfluorooctanesulfonyl fluoride, it can be used to synthesize multi-kind of fluoro surfactant, its Potassium salt C4F9SO2K is a very good anion surfactant, also a best fire retardant for polycarbonate.

50Liter or 200Liter / iron drum, inner lined with plastic coating. N.W.: 70KG  ( 50ltr)  / 250KG ( 200ltr)

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