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Organic fluoro chemicals

Index No.: km-172
Products Name Perfluorotributylamine
CAS No.: 311-89-7


Perfluorotributylamine (FC-43 / FC-40)

M.F: C12F27N
CAS No.311-89-7
Boiling range: 165-185℃
Specific gravity:  1.86-1.89g/cm3  (25℃)
Dielectric strength: (kv/mm)  :17min

Colorless, odorless, clear liquid, noncombustible, thermostable, with high stability to various chemicals,  excellent lubricity & dielectric properties, nonpoisonous & noncorrosive.

1. As an anticorrosive driving isolating liquid for apparatus & Instruments.
2. As a dielectric insulating oil.
3. Stable diluent specific solvent or reagent for chemical reaction.
4. Thermo-conducting cooling agent used for transformer, especially for small transformer for tall buildings.
5. Oxidation-resistant lubricant.
6. Fluorocarbon emulsion used as blood substitute.
7. Leak detecting liquid of electronic devices.

5kg / bottle, 10kg/ carton 

or 50Ltr/iron drum ( N.W. 60KG),  inner lined with plastic coating

or 200Ltr/ iron drum ( N.W.: 250KG), inner lined with plastic coating

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